Everyone has two weeks to fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible as a contestant in our little game. On the 18 of June, everyone who qualifies as a contestant can purchase a single vote for $25. The winner decided by our joint vote for the "MOST IMPROVED TEMPLE" wins all the money. So have as many of your family and friends join to make for a healthy, competitive pot, not pot belly, of money. What a great way to stay focused on getting your body ready for swimsuit season and keeping those silly new year resolutions resolved! Everyone will be required over the next two weeks to send pictures and measurements to Kyler to be entered in the contest. Then let the games begin, and see who can improve their overall fitness, flexibility, strength and hotness to a whole new level. You'll love blogging and competing in our "healthy" competition; Project Temple! Email Kyler at with your test results and feel free to all blog and support each other.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Test

To all future contestants,
  As I said before I will need you all to send me your stats in order for the contest to be fair.  Please invite as many people as you would like to join in a fun, healthy way to get fit.  This is a competition for the most improved so how healthy and fit you are now doesn't matter.  This is a battle for overall fitness and health transformation.  As voters in June, we will be looking for people who gained in all areas of fitness.  How you strive to achieve to do this is up to you.  Some may run, others yoga, while some may lift weights.  Outward appearance, strength testing, flexibility, endurance and "body changes for the good" are all characteristics we will be voting on.  Diet will be important to improving your physical well being as well as condition, or lack of injury.  Though neither of these will be tested, they will aid in you getting in great shape.  It doesn't matter your age or height or weight or BMI, we care only how you as an individual improve.  Since we can all vote, we might just find that our fittest year might not be our youngest year.  Those who are already in good shape have a hard hill to climb to find themselves most improved.  Let this be a great way to support each other in 2011 to get in the best shape of our lives no matter where we are in life.  From homework to the stresses of vacation and work, road blocks will come to us all.  But hopefully together we can build better bodies and longer healthier lives with the ones we love.  Ok enough of the mushy stuff and here are the objectives you must complete in order to be a contestant!

-You must take head to toe pictures of front, back, and both sides in a relaxed and flexed position while wearing a swimming suit.  (Yuck I know, eight pictures total)  No pictures will be posted, you will be notified when we do so.
- You must measure the following areas in a relaxed arms down position
   circumference of your:  bicep, largest part of your thigh, middle of your chest, natural waste, and around your hips and bum.
- You must take a resting heart rate.  A heart rate after jumping rope for a minute.  Five minute wait, resting heart rate again.
- Your weight
- Your max number of chin-ups at one time without touching the ground.  ( you may use a chair)
- Your max number of push-ups without raising you rear end and/or coming out of the push-up position. (knee push-ups are allowed but must remain straight with good form)
- Your max sitting hamstring flex.  (we will show a video of how to preform)
- Your max number of crunchy frogs. (we will show a video of how to preform)
- Your max number of jumping jacks in one set.

- You are then required to do two other exercises to show your fitness.  These are up to you, but must be then be able to be retested at the end of the contest for test number 2. Example: Max bench press, mile run time, Cholesterol level, 5 k bike time, Blood pressure, 50 yard dash time, swim laps/time, yoga position hold time, Elliptical/walking personal best, etc.

Remember this is a "most improved" contest so your ability to do well now is unimportant.  Even if you write a zero down on some tests that doesn't matter.  Make sure to try your best on this first test for the sake of the competition.  What is important is how your body and numbers change over time.  Remember these criteria will be scrutinized by your fellow teammates to decide our winner, so pick a program that helps you in all areas!

On Feb. 17th all tests must be turned in to Kyler at

On June 11th all test number 2 must be turned in so that everyone has a full week to decide our winner.  On June 18th we will post the winner!

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  1. Yes! This may be the motivation I need. Now to find time to test.... :)