Everyone has two weeks to fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible as a contestant in our little game. On the 18 of June, everyone who qualifies as a contestant can purchase a single vote for $25. The winner decided by our joint vote for the "MOST IMPROVED TEMPLE" wins all the money. So have as many of your family and friends join to make for a healthy, competitive pot, not pot belly, of money. What a great way to stay focused on getting your body ready for swimsuit season and keeping those silly new year resolutions resolved! Everyone will be required over the next two weeks to send pictures and measurements to Kyler to be entered in the contest. Then let the games begin, and see who can improve their overall fitness, flexibility, strength and hotness to a whole new level. You'll love blogging and competing in our "healthy" competition; Project Temple! Email Kyler at with your test results and feel free to all blog and support each other.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do what you need to do!

Hey all,
  Send me your test as soon a possible to have the most time for improvement.  If you would rather wear a slim fitting t-shirt that is fine in the pictures.  Remember though big body changes to your torso may happen and you may want to show that improvement.  Also if you have problem with any of the exercises in the test drop me a line and we'll come up with something else.  Especially for the jumping jaxs, if you need something low impact just let me know and I will give you a different work out.  Hope you are all as pumped as I am!

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  1. An early night tonight...I will get those test done tonight!